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Ecstatic Breathwork Journeying: Enter the Jungle with Ines Heals

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Immerse yourself in the fertility of the jungle this Taurus season with a rejuvenating Ecstatic Breathwork Journey. Join us as we celebrate the creative landscape of this abundant time of year with plenty of sounds, movements and scents to stimulate your in-body experience, and allow you to relax into an empowered receptivity that will nourish your dreams and desires.

The process:

Our journey will open with group sharing and a briefing on the current astrological climate so that you can more fully connect to the energies that will be guiding and influencing your breathwork journey. Ecstatic dance, flower essences and group meditation will prepare you to enter a psychedelic state through the practice of holotropic breathing, and will begin to open the gates of your transcendent inner world through which you will receive downloads and revelations throughout your breathwork journey. 

This form of self-guided healing is for the release of outworn beliefs that are not serving you, emotional patterns that hinder your growth, and stored traumatic experiences that are weighing down your body. You are in control of your journey at all times and decide how far you’d like to go and how much you’re ready to uncover within yourself. We provide a safe space for you go as deep as you need to go. During your journey, you will have the option of enabling assisted release through hands-on Reiki and healing touch that is administered intuitively.

Because of the nature of this healing modality, it is important that you take your time to process and integrate the realizations you’ve had throughout your journey. It is advised you spend the rest of the evening following the event in a relaxed state without too many outside obligations. 

The music: Come lose yourself in the lush, tropical sounds of the jungle with tribal chants, powerful drumming, beautiful harmonies and plenty of high frequency + high vibin’ electronic jams- you’ve never heard music like this before! This mix has been mindfully selected to guide the different phases of your journey and provides ecstatic releases to accompany your healing process.    

What we need from you: 

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, etc, anything you need to feel comfortable + warm. The floor is quite hard so if you have two yoga mats and would like to double up that's a good option. You can also bring an extra blanket to layer on top of your mat. You may also find it enriching to bring along a notebook in order to write down any thought, visions and inner feelings that have come up as a result of your journey while they are still fresh in your being.

We will need to know some information regarding any health issues you have that may affect your breathwork experience. Please let us know if you have suffered/do suffer from:


-high blood pressure

-heart conditions


or if you are pregnant by responding to this email.

It is important you understand that your decision to participate in this event means that you accept responsibility for your own well-being and will do what is necessary to ensure a positive experience for yourself. We are here to facilitate that commitment. 

Thanks so much for being you! We look forward to sharing this powerful healing modality with you. 


Ines Heals & HAVEN creative space

Energetic contribution: $75

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Host Bio:

Your workshop leader, Ines Heals, serves as an Esoteric Astrologer, Reiki Master, Archetypal Counsellor, Flower Essences Healer and sharer of Esoteric teachings. Her practice focuses on providing individuals with a sense of cosmic identity and universal support, so they may go forward in fulfilling their soul mission and purpose in harmony with the laws of karma. 

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